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After years of apprenticeship at various international schools and sporting providers, Alex wanted to do it differently. He saw that those who did not exhibit a competitive streak or those that weren't particularly interested in sports were often side-lined early on.


He wanted to enable children to be given time to explore various sports in a fun and supportive environment. And most importantly develop a long-lasting passion for sports by establishing each child's strengths in relation to sports and social interactions. ​


Our programmes are for those who would like to develop their sports ability in an encouraging environment. Join us in learning sports the Island Sports way, where fitness and soft skills meet to form a team that works together!


We set out to enhance each child's sporting experience and build sporting performance and skills through a variety of different sports. We do this alongside developing soft skills to build on social abilities from an early age to develop a sporty lifestyle and build confidence and social interactions.

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Jessica Knight

Administrator, Multi-Sports Coach

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Alex Tam

Founder, Multi-Sports Coach

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Noel. S

Administrator, Media Manager

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