K1 Football 

Passing 1

Passing etiquette
Push pass a ball
Throw a football
Kick a disk cone
Kick a ball

Passing 2

Push rally
Kick a ball
1,2,3 pass
Ball rally


Blocking with hands
Foot on ball
Stop ball with foot on top
Move to ball and block with top of foot
Inside foot blocking

Blocking 2

Blocking with chest

Ball agility 1

Dynamic foot changing on ball
Toe to heel roll on ball
Foot on ball passing
Foot on ball backwards roll
Football obstacle course


Dribbling with a cone
Dribbling with a beanbag
Dribbling with a flat ball
Dribbling with the ball
Dribbling with the ball 2

Striking 1

Kick tall cones over
Kick tall cones into goal
Kick disk cones at goal
Kick ball at goal
Kick ball at tall cones

Striking 2

Shooting the ball at the goal 2
Kicking a bouncing ball
Kicking the ball at the wall
Online platform

Online Drills
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