K3 Football

Passing 1

Pass through cones
Pass the ball
Call name to get the ball passed
Call name to get the ball passed in a group
Dynamic passing

Passing 2

Dynamic passing then striking
Passing with the wall
Pivot & pass
1,2,3 pass
Pass and dribble

Striking 1

Kick ball into goal
Kick cone up into the air
Dynamic goal scoring
Strike fed balls into goal
Strike fed balls from side into goal

Striking 2

Strike slightly bouncing balls
Tap ins

Dynamic reception

Stop ball with foot
Dynamic ball stopping
Receive ball with body parts
Ball blocking obstacle course


Pass the ball
Wall football
Dynamic ball tracking & stopping
Long distance pass the ball

Skills & footwork 1

Dynamic foot on ball control
Roll ball around under foot
Accurate ball projection in directions
Ball sweep from foot to foot
Travel using sides of feet

Skills & footwork 2

Catching game variations
Football obstacle course
Online platform

Online Drills
Zoom classes

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