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Our Playgroup programme is for 2.5 - 3.5 year olds and a great way to get your child active. We run family-friendly classes where parents are encouraged to get involved to enrich their families experience. 

Children are taught transferable sports skills and practice gross movements through activities. Our coaches monitor social interactions to encourage positive behaviour. Join us in getting active in the Island Sport way!

A guardian must be present throughout to assist the child when need.


Following the path of our playgroup program we continue to develop our students gross motor skills through challenging activities; introduce them to reception skills and ball manipulation skills.

At this level we introduce children to the sports Basketball, Athletics, Football, Tennis, Street Hockey and Touch Rugby.

Through supportive coaching our students improve and develop their physical fitness, sports ability and identity. Our goal is to help each child identify their strengths within the programme and provide them the opportunity to choose their favourite sport.

Other than teaching sports skills we also focus on developing our students soft skills. Through setting rules and social standards for situations kids commonly encounter we help develop our students character.


Learn basic riding skills and tricks at our skateboarding sessions. We work with all levels beginning from total beginners learning to balance on their board for the first time, to kids interested in learning to pop tricks like ollies and kickflips!

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