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Island Sports HK provides three diverse multi-sport programs for children of varying ages. Our programs aim to help young athletes learn essential sportsmanship skills, discover their unique sporting interests, and develop their love for sports through fun and engaging activities.


AGES 1.5 - 2.5


Step into our Sports Playgroup, a dynamic program crafted to foster the development of both soft skills and sports abilities in our young students. Our little athletes gain a solid foundation for future sports-specific classes by acquiring essential skills such as rolling, throwing, striking, and handling.

In this engaging class, prepare for a vibrant array of colorful equipment, enthusiastic instructors, a supportive and exhilarating environment, and countless smiles.

Island Sports HK is the perfect starting point for your child's sports journey, creating cherished memories to treasure. Our Multisports classes provide parents with a solution to ensure their child embarks on a fulfilling path toward a healthy lifestyle.

Sports discovery hk

AGES 2.5 - 4


Building upon the foundation set by our playgroup program, we strive to further enhance our students' gross motor skills through stimulating activities. We introduce them to essential skills such as reception and ball manipulation, ensuring a well-rounded development.

At this stage, we open the doors to the exciting world of sports, including Basketball, Athletics, Football, Tennis, Street Hockey, and Touch Rugby.

With our supportive coaching approach, our primary objective is to assist each child in recognizing their individual strengths within the program and empower them to choose their favorite sport.

In addition to teaching sports skills, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing our students' soft skills. By establishing rules and social standards for common situations children encounter, we help shape their character and foster their personal growth.

Sports Dicovery
Multi-Sport class in hong kong

AGES 4 - 8


Our Multi-sports programme is for your child if they have: had little exposure to sports; are unsure about focusing on a particular sport; or dislikes too much emphasis on competition. 


Split into age groups, this programme exposes children to a variety of sports such as athletics, basketball, hockey, football, Tee-Ball and tennis. The focus of this programme is for children to enjoy taking part in physical activity without the emphasis on competition. If you would like us to run a programme for you at another location please email us!


Our program

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