For ages 1.5 - 2.5

Let your little one run off steam whilst learning and improving social, cognitive and sport skills.

Our playgroup program promotes proper class etiquette, instruction following, interactive play and sport-related activities. J
oin the fun and build on your child's sports & interactions!


For ages 4 - 8.

Weekly sports classes where we rotate between Athletics, Tennis, Street Hockey, Football and more. The focus of this class is to help children develop their soft skills and athleticism. 

Students who join this program gain knowledge in a wide variety of sports which helps them gain confidence & leadership skills.



For ages 3 - 14.

Learn the basics and progress through each stage of practice in a enjoyable manner. We also run intensive programs for those who are ready to commit and set goals.



For ages 3.5 - 9.

Pick up a stick and lets play Hockey, a fun programme for children to learn the basics & improve their athletic ability. This program is great for children who enjoy striking activities and working as a team.



For all ages.

We offer group swimming classes where we focus on improving our students swimming ability in a welcoming and encouraging environment. 


Students can join us to progress through our program starting from fundamental water skills all the way to competitive swimming.


For all ages.

We provide private classes for complete beginners learning to balance and ride on a board, as well as to those learning to pop tricks like ollies, 180's, kickflips and more! Pick a venue that's convenient for you!

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