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Learn basic riding skills and tricks at our skateboarding sessions. We work with all levels beginning from total beginners learning to balance on their board for the first time, to kids interested in learning to pop tricks like ollies and kickflips.


For those completely new to skateboarding! We introduce the complete basics to students, such as stance, balance, pushing, and turning.


In these classes, we build on top of the basics and teach our students to ride with more proficiency. 


Once our students are able to ride proficiently, it's time to learn tricks! 

Child & Parents class

Learn to skate with your child, its a great chance to start a challenge you can bond over! In class expect to participate in individual drills as well as team drills.  

What to bring

Please bring your own skateboards & protective gear for these sessions. Protective gear includes helments, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads. Falls are to be expected in this sport.

Whats coming?

We are starting a upcoming skate project which involves building and painting your own board. This service will run at Child and Parent classes as well as Skate camps.