Multi-sports for 1.5-2.5 Year olds
Promotional deal: Weekly Sign up 10% off | Weekly sign up with a friend 15% off - Email us at for weekly sign upsJoin our Sports Playgroup, an interactive program designed to develop the soft skills and sports skills of our students.Our students learn transferable sports skills such as basic rolling, throwing, striking and handling. They also practice gross movements to build up physical strength. To help our students develop their identity and grow we often give feedback on positive social interactions as well as let the group know our expectations. At Island Sports we promote compassion, discipline, communication skills, manners and listening through a sports medium.We will be including some water themed activities this Summer SeaSUN to keep the kids cool & active!Parents are welcome to get involved in games and activities to enrich your families experience.

Summer sports camp - 1.5-2.5 Year olds

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