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In a city famous for its glimmering skyscrapers and urban landscape, few people are aware of the rural gems Hong Kong has to offer. With the Covid-19 pandemic, a surge of residents took to nature as an escape from being hunkered down at home, or as an alternative to galavanting around a densely populated city. With all the restrictions that have come and gone, forcing the closures of facilities that people seek for entertainment, nature provided a coveted refuge for people to escape to. During the summer, with the boiling humid heat that Hong Kongers know too well, rock pools are a favourite to stop and cool down in. It's recommended you visit during the summer months, when humidity and rainfall is high!

One of the Island Sports teams favourite places to hang out are the Hong Kong rock pools. As most of the team were raised in Hong Kong we have spent our many of our holidays at these amazing outdoor spaces. Island Sports was started with the idea to help our students pursue a fit and social lifestyle, we are glad to be able to share our maps! For more information on healthy living check out our blog.


Sai Kung Rock Pools

One of the more well-known and popular sites, this stunning oasis can be reached by speed boat from Sai Kung Pier, or via a scenic hiking trail in the country park. It consists of 4 consecutive pools, with the largest providing a site for cliff jumping. 


A Speed Boat Service runs between Sai Wan Ho Beach and Sai Kung Ferry Pier, allowing for easy transport. However, on days with choppy waves and high winds, the service doesn't run. Alternatively, you can take the 29R Minibus opposite the McDonald's in Sai Kung Town Center, or a taxi, to Sai Wan Ho Pavillion. From there, hike over to Sai Wan Ho Beach, where you can recuperate and enjoy lunch next to a beautiful beach.


From Sai Wan Ho Beach, continue across the beach to the left until you reach a mini bridge passing over a stream. Before crossing the bridge, turn left and you'll find a path that leads you up to the rock pools. The path starts on the end of the blue route on the map below.


Ping Nam Stream, Nam Chung

Expect to see an endless supply of Rock Pools along this Stream! Although located far away near the border to Shen Zhen in Nam Chung, the venture up is well worth the adventure that awaits. You can start off the hike from the bottom pool, and make your way up to the top where a hiking trail awaits to bring you around back to the start!


Take the MTR to Fanling Station, from there, you can take a Minibus or Taxi to Nam Chung Children's Playground and Toilets. Once there, take the long road heading down south. Eventually, you'll reach the end of the road, and reach a blue gate. A path goes around this gate and onto the stream. From there, continue hiking up the stream and you'll make your way past multiple pools. If you decide to make your way all the way to the top, a trail will take you back around and back to the main road.


Ma Dai Stream

A stream that runs from Ma On Shan to Tai Shui Hang. This one involves a bit of stream trekking, so be sure to invest in some canyoning shoes! Plenty of small-scale waterfalls form into several pools, giving you plenty to choose from! If you look hard enough, you’ll find a pool with a large rock overhang acting as a grotto.


Take the MTR to Tai Shui Hang, exit B. From the exit, cross over to Hang Tak Street, take a left, and keep walking until you reach a road on the right that takes you up hill. Eventually, you'll reach a dam seemingly in the way. There will be a small locked gate you have to climb across, taking you to a path that circumnavigates the fencing and brings you to the stream. Hike up the stream, and you'll reach your pools!


Tai Tam Mound Fall

Another popular location on Hong Kong Island, this site is easily accessible via a Hiking Trail, making it a popular site for all explorers! 



Head to Sai Wan Ho MTR Station, from here, take exit A and hop on the No. 14 Bus to Stanley Fort. Get off at Tai Tam Reservoir (North) bus stop. Once you get off, you'll be near the entrance to Tai Tam Country park. After that, it's an easy hike there! Check the map below for the route.


Silvermine Waterfall Walk, Mui Wo

This stunning waterfall is located on Lantau Island in Mui Wo. With easy access, this makes the location a more family-friendly site! It's an easy 30-minute walk from the Mui Wo ferry pier, and one of the more beautiful locations on Lantau Island.


Make your way to Mui Wo from Central pier Number 6. Once you arrive, it's an easy walk there! Check the map below.


Brides Fall, Plover Cove Country Park

Although located further away from Hong Kong Island, this scenic pool attracts hikers from all over to marvel at its beauty and serenity. Minibus's run nearby, although at low frequencies, making this site more accessible by car or taxi.


Take the MTR to Tai Po Market Station. At exit A3, the 20R bus runs from a light bus terminal. As buses only run once an hour, you can alternatively take a taxi. get off at Brides Pool Nature trail, where it's an easy walk straight down to the waterfall.


Discovery Bay Rock Pools

A short walk from the Discovery Bay Ferry Pier and a favourite of local residents, two pools form out of this stream running down from the Discovery Bay Resevoir.


Take the Ferry to Discovery Bay from Central, from there, it's a short walk to the pools. Take the road that leads up to the Discovery Bay Golf Club. On the first bridge you reach, there's a path slightly hidden behind some bushes, which is located on the end point of the map below. Take the path down to the stream, and you can hike down to the left, or right, to reach either rock pool.


Tai O Infinity Pool

Although hikers aren't encouraged to dip into this pool, as this manmade water basin supplies drinking water to the local residents, it doesn't make the breathtaking sight any less worth the effort to visit! It's recommended you experience the cable cars from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping, take a taxi to Tai O Promenade, and hike the rest of the way. The journey itself offers some amazing scenery.


There are two ways to make your way to the beginning of the hike, at Tai O Promenade. The first option is to take the Mui Wo ferry from Central. Once you arrive in Mui Wo, walk to the Bus Terminal right outside the ferry pier and take Bus 1 to Tai O. Another more scenic route would be to take the Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping, from there you can take a 10-minute taxi to Tai O.


From Tai O, you'll see a long pier, make your way left along with it to the end. You'll reach a little village, keep walking along the shoreline. There will be a path on the left up the mountain after a long walk, check out the map so you know where it is! If you pass a white house up this path, you'll know you're on the right path. The pools will come into view shortly afterwards.

These a are few of the many pools that the coaches at Island Sports HK like to spend their weekends in after a hard week of coaching! Since we've enjoyed these spots so much, we felt keen to share these with you!


Disclaimer: Some of the above-mentioned walks may not be suitable for inexperienced users, we recommend hiring a coach to guide you on these hikes.

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