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Swimmers who can comfortably cover 25m swim using their Freestyle and Backstroke can take on our Breaststroke and Butterfly class.


With a focus on teaching students stroke efficiency, we give them a better understanding of what aspects of their swim makes the difference and why. Learn to effectively swim breaststroke and Butterfly with us!


Typical class duration: 60 mins / No. of students: 6 / Bring your own kickboard

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We offer classes for nervous beginners to competitive swimmers. Using the AustSwim curriculum we help our students develop their aqua mobility and fitness.


Join us in learning to swim your strokes in the streamline position! We provide different programs based on ability levels and goals!

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This programme is for children who need help building up the confidence to submerge underwater and float.


Through a familiar class structure, we progress through key stages which lead children to submerge underwater willingly.


Typical class duration: 30 mins / No. of students: 4 / No equipment needed



This program is for children who have the confidence to push off the wall and submerge into the pool.

The focus of this class will be for children to be comfortable holding floats on their front and back; using a kickboard; propel in a streamlined position & begin to practice their freestyle stroke.  


Typical class duration: 30-45 mins / No. of students: 4 / Bring your own kickboard




Swimmers are able to do a  4 – 6 big arms non-stop (getting arms out of the water in a circular motion) in front crawl and lift their head up to breath upon entering this level. In this class we will focus on learning front crawl with side breathing and backstroke.


Typical class duration: 30 - 60 mins / No. of students: 5 / Bring your own kick board