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We provide private 1 on 1 or group classes for highly tailored and individualized sessions to ensure your kids get the most out of a class! This allows for more attention from our coaches, conducive to greater progression in the selected sport. We can provide private coaching in several different sports, from skateboarding to hockey to swimming.

1 ON 1'S

We provide private 1 ON 1 sports sessions for children and adults. These classes are highly tailored and individualised to ensure your student gets the most out of their sessions. The venue location can be your choice for you and your convenience.


1 Hour Class             $600

10x Sessions             $5000

20x Sessions             $9000



If you're interested in setting up a private sports class for your child and their friends our group class service is a great choice. We offer packages for small groups (1-3 children) & larger groups (4-8 kids). To organize larger groups please send us a direct message.


1 H Small Group           $680

1 H Large Group         $800

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