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We offer five sport-specific programmes for those looking to progress in a sport of their choice, including Tennis, Football, Street Hockey, Rugby, and Skateboarding! In our sessions, we teach each sport with an emphasis on working as a team, to become proficient at all the basic movements and integrating them into a dynamic capacity. Check out below for more details on each sport!

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Our introductory Tennis program is appropriate for absolute beginners. ​We help strengthen your child’s grip, footwork, and groundstroke techniques through fun games and challenges

The Red Ball Tennis Class is designed for children aged 3-5 who are new to the sport of tennis. This class provides a fun and engaging environment where children can develop fundamental skills, hand-eye coordination, and a love for the game. The Red Ball Tennis Class aims to foster a love for tennis, develop basic skills, and promote physical fitness in a fun and enjoyable setting. It serves as an excellent introduction to the sport and prepares children for further tennis development in the future.


The Orange Ball Tennis Class is designed for children aged 6-7 who have some prior experience or have completed the Red Ball Tennis Class. This class builds upon the foundational skills learned in the earlier stage and introduces more advanced techniques, tactics, and match play concepts. The class aims to further develop the children's tennis abilities and prepare them for higher-level play.

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Join our football classes and play like a pro! With our emphasis on teaching soft skills alongside developing sporting abilities, learn to excel in teamwork and understand the dynamics of a team sport.

Our coaches create an imaginative and creative environment to engross our students and to teach them a sport in a fun way. We will soon be bringing in professional players to teach our football classes so be sure to stay updated and watch our social pages for more updates!


This program is a great introductory course for those interested in picking up Football or a sport. Without much emphasis on competition, kids can take their time to work on unfamiliar movements used in football while having a fun time. The aim of this program is to prepare our little athletes for football matches by improving their understanding of the sport, their athleticism and soft skills. With a mixture of fun games and Football, this program keeps kids excited for the next class


This program is a great choice for those interested in playing football without too much emphasis on individual performance. In this course, we develop reception skills, projection skills, athleticism, game knowledge and tackling. Children will take part in Football matches as well as measurable challenges and competitions. The aim of this program is to strengthen our student's agility, teamwork and fundamental skills in preparation for Football.

Street Hockey
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Get a taste of the action in our Street hockey class. Learn the fundamental skills required to play in a match, through practice your child can enhance their ability and performance.


With a focus on being inclusive, we empower children by setting social standards and rules for them to follow. Through identifying each child's unique strengths and ability to follow instructions we help children develop their positive characteristics.

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Welcome to our beginner's rugby program, where we'll cover the foundational skills of the sport through safe, fun and effective drills and games. We provide sessions for different age groups to make sure more of our students are included, as well as to ensure our classes are adjusted to varying skill levels.

Through this program, we aim to expose future rugby players from early on to bring greater confidence, skill, and a positive outlook on the sport through enjoyable sessions.